The importance of a play (1)

The importance of a play (1)

kid play

Although I cannot conclude that a lack of play brings a crucial effect for a child, it certainly brings a lack of communications or expressions of a child. He expresses his negative feelings through a play. If he has no outlet for his overflowing negative feelings, he could express it with attacking other children or throwing stuffs. In addition, it would affect his social communication as well. Children connect their relationships through a play. They learn how to interact, back down and compromise. If it does not go on wheel, they can be a loner or disrupter when they go to school or society.

They also take on a passive attitude toward solving a problem. Because they did not have enough trains for challenge. In this case, they depend on their parents’ decision. They find what they are good at, what they like through their independent adventure. It is connected to their future. You should keep a valuable moment of children’s future.

Lee. has been studying and developing kid’s appd for five years. He has been studying for the effective and practical ways to teach kids, and at the conclusion of the study, he reached the learning through a play makes parents to teach their kids easily.


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