The development of brain. (2)

The development of brain. (2)

baby with parent

The brain of kids has an immunity against stress, but the quality of the ability varies depends on genes. For several years since the birth, the brain is vulnerable to stress. Because the reptilian and mammalian brain is already developed pretty much, but the human brain is not. So this makes the reptilian and mammalian brain make easy to be in the driver’s seat. A child reveals this condition through expressing his intensive emotions. The chemistries in a child’s brain are affected by types of parenting. For example, if parents regularly responded to the child with criticism and shouting, it causessome permanent changes in the child’s brain in negative way. On the other hand, if parents took care of the child with attention, the human brain controls the other less sophisticated brain, the mammalian and reptilian brain, and makes the connection among the brains. This enables a child makes a rational decision when they grow up.

There are some suggestions to make it possible.

  1. The point of calming your distressed and upset child is being attentive. Your child does not experience a society yet, so they will not understands promises of society. It is better not shout and be criticism of it, better to try to understand his feelings and why he is upset. If you cannot satisfy your child’s want, try to give alternative solution.
  2. A child is sensitive at feelings. This is why it is better not to be criticism of your child’s behavior. For example, your child wants you to play with him when you are busy. The best respond is playing with your child even just a moment. But if you cannot, show your child that you are understand that he is upset because you cannot play with them.
  3. He reflects your feelings. When you teach your child to control his emotions, you should be able to control your emotions as well. They need a dependent parent. Try to hide your upset feelings from work or other stuffs. If you show your anxious feeling, it will affect your child in the same way. But if you think you might be depressed while raising your child, do not blame yourself or suffer alone.
  4. Getting a communion with your child is also good way of calming your child. Hug them when they are crying, you will share a feelings and convince him you are on his side.



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Lee. has been studying and developing kid’s appd for five years. He has been studying for the effective and practical ways to teach kids, and at the conclusion of the study, he reached the learning through a play makes parents to teach their kids easily.


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