Respect children’s independence.

Respect children’s independence.

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Most kindergartens in Germany, teachers motivate children to get a lesson by themselves. They let them satisfy their curiosity and focus on what they are interested in. They will think a lot of things while they observe it, and they will have some questions. Through answering and questioning, they could improve their language proficiency and ask for a problem in math, and get a answer of it. But you should support your child, not insist to learn something. –Dr. Bernhard Nagel, State institute of Early Childhood Research

In other words, if a child wants a specific play, supporting them is parents’ work not controlling. For instance, if a child like fish, bring them to aquarium. If a child like dinosaur, go to natural museum with them, and explain about what they are interested in.

Children develop their understanding, emotional abilities, expressions and physical abilities. These basic abilities are necessary for their future. On the other hand, an artistic sense is an innate talent. It is easy to insist them if they have a talent, but that is not appropriate. Support them if they are interested in it. Children have discretion. Supporting them and follow their decision would improve their independence, interests, concentration and achievement.

Lee. has been studying and developing kid’s appd for five years. He has been studying for the effective and practical ways to teach kids, and at the conclusion of the study, he reached the learning through a play makes parents to teach their kids easily.


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