Before starting the article.

Before starting the article.

It is difficult to fully understand how to teach and raise kids as parents. People never know the role of parents from the first time as parents, and you would feel difficult to teach and raise your kids as well. For all of those parents in trouble, Toki Labs would like to share the information of when and how to teach kids properly.

There is a study that is different which part of brain would be developed depending on the age. According to the study, the brain needs an appropriate stimulation from an infant to 7 years-old child. Then how should we provide it to the brain? The study answers it is better to raise a sensibility and personality rather than learning ability, so that kids can get a confidence, concentration, creativity and problem solving skills when there is a problem later on. Toki Labs provide the information for parents who have the kids around 0 to 7 years old to feel easy to adapt the result of unfamiliar studies.

In addition, Toki labs develop an app with the knowledge of studies for kids. Toki labs hope it would solve the difficulties of raising your child. Toki Labs happily take a feedback of you.


– Toki Labs CEO

Lee. has been studying and developing kid’s appd for five years. He has been studying for the effective and practical ways to teach kids, and at the conclusion of the study, he reached the learning through a play makes parents to teach their kids easily.

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