A play for your kid (2)

A play for your kid (2)

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The child psychoanalysts say, the most important and archetypal moment of a child is from 3 years old to 6 years old. Some cognitive plays, such as playing house, make a child understand other’s opinion, feeling and behavior. This ability is maximized in the period. A cognitive play does not only affect a child’s consideration for another people, but ability to control his emotions. What if he does not have an enough chance? He cannot control his anger, and it will be shown as his behavior, shout, cry and hurt himself sometimes. Furthermore, he will have a problem with relationship, because he has not had an enough time to train to control his emotions.

Human brain needs proper trains to be developed depending on the age. Between one and four years old, it needs instinctive and social trains to develop expressions, creativity and judgment. Until 7 years old, a child needs etiquettes and manners for social life. An education is the next step. If you start educate them before 7 years old, knowledge is too heavy for a child’s brain and it leads to some stress symptoms. For instance, a child is learning math. What if you insist to solve it even his brain is not enough developed to understand the question? He would be frustrated and hate math. If he keeps go through this process, it will disrupt the development of his brain.

A play has a lot of roles. It will train a child to control his emotions, understand other people, etiquettes and so on. A play is the most effective adapted activities. We should admit it and encourage it to a child.

Lee. has been studying and developing kid’s appd for five years. He has been studying for the effective and practical ways to teach kids, and at the conclusion of the study, he reached the learning through a play makes parents to teach their kids easily.


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