A play for your kid (1)

A play for your kid (1)

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The origin of the word ‘play’ is from the Latin word ‘Plaga’ which means ‘Thirst’. When people are thirsty, they drink water naturally. A play should be natural behavior like drinking water. There is no goal to follow. A play is just a funny and enjoyable action for your child. Recently, many parents try to educate their child through a play. They want their child to learn something through a play, but a play can’t be equal to an education, A play should be voluntary and enjoyable.

Things your child could get through a play.

  1. Get rid of stress.
  2. Get a regular habit of behavior 
  3. Fulfill
  4. Improving creativity, expressions, concentration, discernment and problem solving skills.

You should consider the conditions below when you approach

  1. Do not link a play to education. A play is valuable as itself to a child. If you compel your child to learn something through a play, he would feel uncomfortable and try to avoid it at the end. 
  2. Do not limit a possibility of your child’s creativity. If you make a rules and control a play for your child, he’ll demand on you. Let your child make his own decision and fulfill from the result upon the choice he made. The rules should be made for the safety. Nothing more than that. 
Lee. has been studying and developing kid’s appd for five years. He has been studying for the effective and practical ways to teach kids, and at the conclusion of the study, he reached the learning through a play makes parents to teach their kids easily.


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